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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Financial Advice from Edward Jones?

Over the last few months I have been pondering what I should do with my retirement fund. I have a nice little nest egg in it and it's performing at a mediocre rate. But I'm not completely satisfied. I want to see a higher return on the investment.

The trouble is I am almost clueless about how to shift things around. So I keep looking at the amount in the fund go up and down as the market goes up and down. And I keep wondering how to wrap my head around all this investment stuff.

A few weeks ago I thought about going into my local Edward Jones office to just talk to someone, but life keeps happening and I don't get in there.

So this thought is in the back of my mind and wouldn't you know it, I encounter two people who work for this company. The first was a lady who wanted to buy my toaster oven (long story) and the second was a gentleman who knocked on my door to introduce himself. So strange don't you think? But maybe it's not so strange.

Maybe this is a clue to get into the office and talk to people who knows a little more than me. I'm pretty excited about this and plan to take advantage of their services after I do a little more research. I like to be forearmed and a little knowledgeable, especially about my money.

I guess the questions is why not do all this research and manage my own fund.

The short answer is because I'm too busy.

The long answer is I'd rather delegate this task and save myself a lot of frustration.

So I'll see how it goes and report back in a month or so on whether I actually made an appointment and went into the office.

Feel free to ask me about it and do let me know if you have thought about using this kind of service before or if you have. What was your experience?

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