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Rich Single Momma

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rich Single Momma Loves Good Humor

This is a sponsored post

This weekend I got to try out Good Humor’s new Chocolate Éclair ice cream bars. I’ve honestly never had any of their ice cream, but if I want a decadent treat this is the brand and flavor I would pick up. Sometime you just have to treat yourself, right?

I picked up a box of six at Target on Friday afternoon, did more shopping, and finally made my way home. By this time the ice cream was starting to melt so I put it in the freezer for later. A couple hours later I decided to sample one. My daughter Lexi took one too and though it was still a little soft it was delicious. It doesn’t help that we are both chocolate freaks. Lexi liked it so much, she got another one, but I wanted to wait until they were completely frozen

I didn't get another bar until Sunday. By then it was hard enough to satisfy me. Lexi had her third one by then. She told me when it is completely frozen it tastes even better. The outer coating is crunchier too. I agree with her on this. The center was cake-like and outside of that was a fluffy texture.

Overall we really enjoyed the Good Humor Chocolate Éclair bars. I’d say it was a bit rich for weekly consumption but it is definitely a wonderful, occasional treat.

This year marks 90 years Good Humor has been around. To celebrate they are running a sweepstakes and are giving away 10,000 instant win prizes. The grand prize is $10,000. Visit their website or specially marked packages to enter. Good Humor single bars are available in convenience stores and ice cream trucks around the country. Find them on Facebook and soon on Twitter.

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